Watergate and the Use of Executive Privilege
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                                      Watergate: The Use of Executive Privilege

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            As I was thinking of subjects and topics that interested me I thought of political

scandals. Watergate was the first idea that I thought of but I had to narrow it down. After

a little research I decided on executive privilege. It was a public debate that each person

in America had their own opinion on.

            There are so many resources for my topic because Watergate was a huge event in

U.S. history. I used some newspapers, especially the Washington Post because they were

a major player in the event. I also found many videos and tapes of interviews and news

people. My two best types of sources were online journals or articles and books. The

online articles gave very good summaries and details so I could get a good grasp of the

situation. The books went into more detail and I learned more about different aspects of

the event and laws of executive privilege. I also learned about different people and events

that used executive privilege.

            I started to understand more about executive privilege and how presidents used it

as I researched more. It was a lot to handle and I am sure that there is a lot more to learn.

I feel that I know it a lot better then when I first started and I can help explain it to others.

There were so many aspects to Watergate that I had a hard time getting it all down. I took

my time and I learned about a specific part step by step. That helped me a lot and I now

know how much actually happened compared to what was publicized.

                        I learned how to narrow down a general topic very well while doing this

project. It will help on future projects and it is a good skill to have. I started with the

general watergate themes, then found different debates and chose Executive Privilege. It

took a while to narrow down but it was worth it in the end.

My topic relates to the theme “Debate and Diplomacy in History:

Successes, Failures, and Consequences” in multiple ways. There is a big public and

political debate on the use of executive privilege. When should it be used? How can it be

used? Also the diplomacy of the Watergate tapes directly tie into the theme. There are

many consequences including how presidents use their power today. For example both

George W Bush and Bill Clinton used “Executive Privilege” Finally the failures and

successes were obvious and applied to many people and groups.

            This topic is very important in U.S. history. The politics of the event and the use

of executive privilege affect the President and politics today in many ways. Also this

opened a lot of peoples eyes to what was going on with the leader of their country. The

media also was groundbreaking on the investigation and started a whole new era for

journalists. The Watergate scandal and the debate over executive privilege affected many

Americans. We saw a whole new side of our government and media which changed our

views and knowledge of politics and journalism.